Paisaje Construido (Series)

This series is the outcome of a month of work inspired by the Dutch landscape. I was selected as an artist in residence at 'BUITENWERKPLAATS', an independent multidisciplinary space located in Noord Holland, Netherlands. My artistic project was developed as part of a programme called ´Landscape Laboratory.´

Navegando entre islas, watercolour on paper, 66 x 110 cm, 2013

Estanques, watercolor & charcoal on paper, 105 cm x 128 cm, 2013 – Private collection

Verano, watercolour on paper, 103 cm x 229 cm, 2013

Día iluminado, from the series “Paisaje construido”, watercolour & ink on paper, 68 x 110 cm, 2013


May 12, 2024


Abstract Painting